Our Customers

Gary Spangler
(Champion Valve)

“After talking to several other contractors, I knew I felt most comfortable working with Stone-Montgomery on my commercial construction project. Chris and Robert gave us a reasonable estimate and even offered ways that they could help save us money. Now we have a first-class office space in the front of the building and a quality warehouse in the back. The two of them coordinated everything and were very accommodating and easy to work with. I don’t think you could find a contractor any more honest or hard working than them.”

Calvin Wells

“Stone-Montgomery is very responsive and very accurate in their quotations of projects. And their work is superb—excellent workmanship. All I have to do is tell them what I want done and they just take care of the process. They are absolutely one of the best contractors in all of southeastern North Carolina.”

Sandy May

“Stone-Montgomery was wonderful to work with, and they were so accommodating to our needs. As Robert Montgomery always said whenever we made any kind of request or gave input, ‘Not a problem. We can do it.’ Our house is now 11 years old and still in perfect condition. They also gave us a realistic budget and were able to stick to it – I would definitely trust them with my checkbook.”

Albert and Paula Corbett

“We interviewed a number of contractors before selecting Stone-Montgomery to complete our extensive home renovation, but their attitude, attention to detail and passion for what they do won us over. Chris and Robert really listened to what we wanted, and they were not satisfied until we were completely satisfied, no matter what it took. They are just amazing people. The ‘family’ mentality seems to run throughout the company. They don’t just build you a home; you basically become part of their business family.”

Archie Harris

“You often hear about all the nightmares people go through with contractors and subcontractors, but it was an absolute pleasure working with Stone-Montgomery. They did a wonderful job from start to finish, and I couldn’t give them a better rating. As an industrial contractor myself, I can speak to the quality of their work from real experience. I highly value their professionalism, attention to detail and relationships they maintain with their subcontractors. Plus, they did a great job. The end result was as close to perfect as I could ask for.”

David Phillips

”I gave Robert and Chris my plans, but there were no specs to go with the plans, and the plans were difficult to read and interpret. And with those issues and 18 months of work, they built me a beautiful home. The 18-month period was absolutely the most seamless, well-communicated and professional situation I’ve ever seen in my life. The quality and attention to detail they applied was beyond your wildest thoughts. I would trust Stone-Montgomery to do any construction or remodeling job for me in the future without any hesitation whatsoever.” 

Hilda King

“As frustrating as renovation projects can be, Stone-Montgomery made sure the process was a great experience. The speed at which they were able to complete my project without sacrificing quality was amazing. I had a whole new kitchen and bathroom in just two months, which is practically unheard of. Chris and Robert were so wonderful to work with, and they really bent over backwards to bring my vision to life.”